samedi 26 février 2011


When I went to the theater to watch Never Say Never with a bunch of friends, I was like "Hey, I've been waiting to fuck up the Bieber movie for the fourteen-YO girls for a long time".

Fact is, I did enjoy the movie. The big marketing machine of Disney is so good it actually sells you the flick. You even start, at a point, to like Justin fucking Bieber. HOW COME ?


I can't even explain the process of how it fucks up your brain, the marketing team is even too good for a simple human being like me. I can tell you one thing, though : me and my friends, at the big final concert in the end of the movie, were singing along with Bieber.


vendredi 25 février 2011


Everyone's talking about the new flick by Darren Aronofsky, Black Swan, especially fashion-blogging-cupcake-cooking girls from the blogosphere (haven't you noticed ?).

Well yeah, beautiful movie. But isn't the thing kind of a copypasta of his previous movie "The Wrestler" ? I'm not even talking about the "scenario", which only serves the aesthetic will of the director in my opinion. So I guess he wrote the thing in like 5 minutes on a napkin at Wendy's as he was dining with Portman in the aim of fucking her in the end. Who knows.

 The mirror metaphor for her condition, freaking overused througout the movie

And basically here's the script for the whole second part of the movie :
Natalie turns on the light. Behind her, in the mirror, her "self" screaming. She then screams and runs to her room.
Natalie turns on the light. Behind her bed, her doppleganger with black eyes. Natalie runs away, screaming like a bitch. Go on like this for about an hour.

I'm bitching but I really enjoyed the last part of the movie, especially the dance part. And I'm more into chopping wood in a badass shirt than watching dance movies.

What about you ? Did you like the flick ?

mercredi 23 février 2011

What the heck is this ?

Hey there,

I'm a guy who goes to the movies on a regular basis. And I fucking love to talk about them, so here I am. I ain't no British or American nor any kind of Australian so forgive my language mistakes, folks.

I'll be posting stuff about the movies I go see, about movies you go see, about movies you've seen and maybe shouldn't have.

Hope you guys enjoy the blog.